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Posted: Mon, Mar 18, 2024
The Green Center, Inc. and Ecological Aquaculture International sign an agreement to establish a strategic partnership
The Green Center, Inc. and Ecological Aquaculture, LLC signed an agreement yesterday to establish a strategic partnership. Their aim is to drive scientific, educational, and investment activities both in the USA and internationally. Their focus is to accelerate ecological and social transformations at local levels, which will have implications globally, aiding humanity in steering towards a blue-green, more rational world.

Both organizations pledge to take local actions geared towards enhancing knowledge for the development of the blue-green bioeconomy. They emphasize the creation of tangible examples of sustainable circular bio-economies, particularly in regenerative agriculture and restorative aquaculture. These practices acknowledge the interconnectedness between ocean, freshwater, and land bioresources, and the communities they sustain. The overarching objective of this partnership is to devise concrete solutions that address the escalating issues of pollution and climate change.

The agreement was signed in Falmouth, Massachusetts, by Hilda Maingay and Earle Barnhart, co-Directors of The Green Center, and Dr. Barry Costa-Pierce, President/Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of Ecological Aquaculture. For further information, you can contact Hilda and Earle at or Barry at